Five Signs that Your Wife no Longer Wants You as Before –┬áIf you suspect that this is happening to them, it is better to ask and talk, because suspicion may be incorrect and lead to fighting. Sexual desire is a human impulse present in men and women. Feeling it or not is something quite commonplace, so let’s give you here five signs that your wife does not want you anymore as before. It is thought that men have more or more sexual desires simply because they are men and that it is a hormonal problem, but that’s not true, what happens is that they enjoy greater freedom to express that desire. On the other hand, if women feel it in the same proportions, it is not very clear that they say it, let alone strive to satisfy it. We thus see that women feel guilty when they feel a desire or feel a desire conditioned by what is expected of them. This same guilt gradually leads them to deny their desire, to pretend that it does not exist, to reduce it, so that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that the faith of women is not so sexual.