Why You Should Meditate if You Suffer Stress – A few months ago, it was recommended to Laura, a young Madrilenian businesswoman, to try meditation. Meditate, me? Why? Why? He asked his doctor about his suggestion to practice mindfulness. The answers were in front of her eyes, even though she could not “read” them at that time. She was a professional and socially successful woman, with a stable partner who was planning to become a mother someday … But what was wrong with her life in perfect appearance? He was worried about every new challenge in the business. The recent increase in work had accelerated the pace of work and had begun to get heartburn when he took office. To make matters worse, her boyfriend then proposed marriage, a fact that, in addition to fulfilling her happiness, had added marriage preparation to her many activities. I was literally on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Diagnostic? Stress. Does it sound? The busy and fast life, typical of most Spaniards living in big cities, is vulnerable to stress syndrome. More specifically, stress has been disrupting nine out of ten years of productive age and affecting 42% of them in a continuous and frequent manner.