Why the Ex Always Comes Back… –¬†Why does the ex always come back? Because they miss us, do they become aware of their mistakes or just want to have fun? There are many reasons! The most important thing is that you know how to identify them. There are many expressions describing this situation that has happened to us all. “Whoever leaves without being expelled, returns without being called” is the best known. Another states that “everyone who misses you is looking for you” and also someone who confirms “only what is lost is appreciated”. Why does the ex always come back? Does the ex always come back? It all depends on various factors, but the most important is the reason for the divorce. Probably if your ex has made the decision to break the relationship, he will finally realize his mistake and will try to come back. If the divorce was your decision, you may not agree with your reasons. Maybe he asked you for “a moment to think” or you expected him to be at the station, like Penelope in the popular song. You could even be the one who would knock on your door and ask you to come back