Why People Fear Success –┬áNowadays, Your Tube seems to be the ideal place for people looking for glory at night. Many people confuse that they are famous because they are famous. These are two radically different things. But very few of those who decide to go to YouTube seems to have real talent.Why are talented people not looking for this platform to showcase their talents?For many people, the reasons vary. Are they full of fear of success?Have you watched a YouTube video and do you see the thumbs up and down below the video?Well, some people are really positive and then there are negative nancys. Going outdoors requires thick skin. If you look like me, it’s relatively easy to blow up enemies from a bridge somewhere. Which raises the question: “Where do all these unhealthy personalities come from in society?”Certain malaise with success and jealousyMost people who hate the educational products of poor and uneducated parents, of the environment, have grown up in today’s psychological pathological society in which society socially meets the enemies of social tendency. Before all incompetent parents failed in this generation, a few decades ago, people with attitudes became so toxic to social freaks and, if their behavior could not emerge, he became the subject of therapeutic interventions such as corrective physical attacks.