Why am I Insensitive to The Suffering of Others? –┬áConditions such as alexithymia may explain why some people are insensitive to the suffering of other types of animals that live in groups have the ability to be sensitive to the pain of their peers. Solidarity is part of your genetic team as a guarantee of the survival of the species. Well, if this is the case with most species, why is there anyone who is insensitive to the suffering of others? How is it possible that people are able to shut themselves off emotionally to what is outside of themselves? There are different possible answers to these questions. The causes of insensitivity vary from the existence of serious pathologies, from alexithymia to extreme vulnerability. The means to develop insensitive nature are also numerous and include different manifestations. In general, insensitivity does not apply to everything. In other words, unless you have a very debilitating mental illness, people are not totally insensitive.