What’s Killing Your Creativity? –¬†As freelancers, we are dreamers and we often see our dreams come to life, but what happens when you have no creativity? Let’s look at some of the most common reasons for the lack of creativity and quick fixes that will allow you to watch it again. Emphasizing: Stress is the main enemy of creativity, with the ability to dry out the reserves and feel bad. Who can panic with beads, crying babies or increasingly dirty dishes?CORRECTION: Ask for help. This may sound like common sense, but many people forget to ask for help. Everything from food to parenting can be outsourced to help you solve your current situation. If it is a financial problem, you can create a budget to have more control and stay connected to it for a weak period. Fatigue: All players and athletes know that fatigue will ruin their appearance. Freelancers, however, usually burn candles at both ends and stay awake until early in the morning to return to their tables a few hours later. It can leave your mind foggy and leave you with little or no energy without creating it to get out of bed.