What Happens in Our Bodies when We are in Love? –¬†When we are in love, the brain is filled with substances that make us happy. Therefore, to stay, it is best to take care of our self-esteem and our autonomy there is nothing like loving someone. It’s a unique emotion. When we are in love, we feel it all over our body: in the lips, the hands, the belly … Love seems to spread through the skin and take hold of every corner. That’s why there are so much mythology and poetry around it. When we are in love, we say that we think with our hearts or that we have butterflies in our stomachs. In the end, however, everything is summarized in pure chemistry. However, the separation of substances is so unique that we can compare it to that produced in obsessive-compulsive disorder. If you think about it, it may not surprise you so much, have you ever felt that you can not live without it? Is it not difficult for us to imagine ourselves without the presence of the beloved in our lives? All these claims also occur in people with this problem, but also in drug addicts.