What are The Emotional Dreams? – You have to feel really scared, you must observe your fear of tightening your back muscles and tightening your heart, you should feel a rage that does not allow you to master or experiment┬áDo you think they mistreated you in a dream? Or are you naked and reminiscent of many people? Is someone crying or angry because they hurt you? Do you want to kill someone in the dream? This is called an “emotional dream.”In your daily life, you are overwhelmed by many events that trigger an emotional response that is not always perceived. In fact, you often think that what someone says or does not affect you or how you handle it. Did not you do it when you were a kid? To get rid of everything? Indeed, it is true that survival learning has implicitly adopted specific strategies, sometimes unintentionally developed to escape the stronger expression of “your personalized personality.”In childhood, this strategy has been instrumental in preserving life and mental health.