Ways to Find the Solution to Marital Conflicts (Part 2) –¬† Not everything is lost. There are many things you can do together to deal with those disagreements in your life as a couple. The next Ways to Find the Solution to Marital Conflicts are: Keep the ego under controlYou could say that your ego is a way to protect yourself from the world around you. This is not bad, but it is not good either, because if you use this “protection”, you prevent your partner from seeing you as you are. It is important for your partner to know your vulnerable side. not to abuse it, but to really know what hurts you and in what aspects you are strong. But it must be reciprocal, so you must also ready for everything you have to say, without judging, but without hurting yourself. It is important to gradually put this shield aside and allow you to face your fears. Moreover, if you show yourself as you are, you will be sure that your partner loves you for the person you really are or for whom you liked what you liked.

Ways to Find the Solution to Marital Conflicts (Part 1) –¬†There are those who say that marriage is the point that marks the beginning of the end of love. Those who make this statement are those who have failed in their romantic relationships, and so they lost their faith in that feeling. However, for those who succeed in their marriage, the reality is different. Marriage is an adventure that initially involves two adults mentally and emotionally. Over time, individuals will encounter a series of barriers and barriers that, depending on their ability to resolve, will strengthen or weaken their relationship. Marriages that are slowly deteriorating and ending are not due to problems outside the couple; they come to this point because of various circumstances: Third in the relationship (family, friends, technology, and others)Carefree attention to a spouse (details of expressions of affection)This disadvantage by paying more attention to children