3 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Spouse More Than Your Mothers – I recently spoke to many women who think they have reached a dead end in their marriage. These women will tell you that they have a happy and successful marriage in almost every respect, except with a marriage that seems to be a huge elephant in the room, the relationship between her husband and her mother. These women feel degraded when their mother-in-law is present because her husband expresses the needs, wishes and opinions of her mother about his wife’s.”It also applies to the opposite case where it is the woman who presents the needs of her mother to her husband”Their mothers-in-law criticize how they maintain the house, how they dress or discipline their children, and how they meet the needs of their husbands. These women want to have good relations with their mother-in-law, but do not feel accepted by them. Instead of a healthy relationship and mutual support, they have a negative and confrontational relationship in which both women feel threatened by each other.