Uncomfortable Moments in The First Year of Marriage –¬†Far from all that is perfect, the reality is that daily coexistence brings out small details and then begins a true relationship, adaptation, and negotiation. Let’s look at the hard times a couple will encounter in their first year of marriage. You have to keep in mind that each pair is a different world, each with its own specificities, so you need to be aware that you can find here some of the hard times that you have already gone through in your relationship. Discover the hard times that newlyweds live and try to change things that could hurt the relationship. He snores a lot of scoring, it happens that friends are careful not to fall asleep because they would come with the snoring that is now around the house hear his snoring. Although there are already various remedies and techniques to reduce snoring. Menstruation in the bathroom another unpleasant moment for men is the presence of red papers in the center of the basket. This seems quite normal for the woman’s menstrual period, but there are men who are shocked to see papers with dimensions because some men who have fainted