What Types of Suffering Exist – Distress, bitterness, despair, they are all kinds of human suffering. Suffering stains our lives with sadness and darkness. However, not all sufferings are the same, there are different types of suffering. According to the experts, mental health is the suffering that is the main cause of suicide, about which we speak as little as it says. When we suffer, our mind is stuck and nothing seems logical. We feel like a storm has taken away all our joy and well-being. Yet suffering is always an excellent opportunity to reflect on this, otherwise, we would not do it. Suffering is an opportunity could say that suffering puts us in touch with our vulnerability to surface water and wins a part of us that escapes the attempt of control. Our inner world becomes visible when suffering visits us, making us aware of our true needs and concerns. We can then say that suffering, no matter how hard we run, can become a good friend.