Tips to Respond to People Who Stab You in The Back – Treason can make us react or avenge ourselves in the same way, but these options are never the best. Here are tips to Respond to the people who Stab You in The Back. Everyone at some point in our lives has been stabbed in the back by a “friend” who has spoken badly about us or who has betrayed us in one way or another, behaviors that often call into question our character and our integrity. When we have to live in such a situation, we feel angry, frustrated, hurt and even often we do not understand why the person did so; We spend hours thinking about how we should act or how best to respond. We give you 6 tips to answer the people who put you in the back. Get away from this person despite the bad sorrow or pain that the situation may cause you, you must stay away from this person, hypocrisy is never a good ingredient for life. Remember that no relationship can be built on the basis of mistrust or infidelity. Analyze the damage that caused the commentsIf you are aware of the comments made, it is best to evaluate the damage that could result in your image or your reputation.