Tips To Cope With Very Bad News –┬áThis is not easy. It has never been so easy. And nothing can help you forget the situation. But there are some tricks that will soothe you or make you find extra power, and there are other things you should try to avoid to feel worse. Let me summarize some tips. Remember, it is not about the patient you love now, who is sick now, but about you …Think of two or three positive thoughts, or remember two happy or better and funny memories, and get ready to tell your favorite person right now. When you are alone, you have to think about them because when people are sick, life tends to be busy or excessive. Use the opportunity to give them a small gift of happiness throughout the day. Prepare some stories, jokes or memories at any time. Be prepared to impose the subject changes on the conversation when you and the patient feel that the same old theme revolves around them. Refreshing will behave like a cool breeze.