This is My Secret to Solve Conflicts with My Partner –¬†All marriages are quarreling at one point in the relationship, so it is up to each couple to resolve them so that they can have a successful marriage. On several occasions, I fought with my husband, but I can say that all the battles led me to an internship, how to manage my emotions and that I must admit and tolerate things with which I may not be Okay. But that’s love, finding a balance and staying together until eternity, as my grandmother has always said: all problems have a solution. Now it’s impossible to enumerate all kinds of conflicts because each pair is different, but I can find out what worked for me to solve them: Listen and shut upUsually, when I expose my discomfort, my husband stays silent, looks and listens carefully to everything I say. Sometimes his attitude was generally desperate because he did not say a word to interrupt me, but his strategy was to give up my emotions and find solutions. Now, I acted the same way as him; when we discuss we usually stop, we do not interrupt and then we expose our points of view and argue why we think we are right.