This is How Infidelity Begins – A monogamous relationship implies involvement. At least not be intimate with other people. However, many of us can point to a moment in our lives or in the lives of others in which this vital trust has been broken. Maybe they deceived us, or we put the horns. If you’ve ever seen it or seen it on TV or in movies, the excuse is usually the same: “It just happened …”. This corrects (or does not explain) many things. Why did this happen? People are usually saving details with the reason not to damage the feelings of the other person. However, a recent thread from Reddit’s online community sheds light on this thorny subject, often surrounded by lies and deceptions. Users, men, and women answer the same question: “How did your unfaithfulness begin and end?”The answers show that the person who lays the horns does not usually see the reality as white or black as one would expect. Everything has its faults, its nuances, even its infidelities. We collect the best answers, which can be useful for not falling into the same error or understanding what can lead to an action that causes so much pain.