These Examples of Universal Values for a Better World – Universal values ​​are composed of a series of virtues and principles that guide our good behavior in order to lead a harmonious life with the environment and the people around us. In this way, universal values ​​are recognized and applied in all social groups, beyond their specific characteristics, to make the world better, freer, more respectful and enjoyable to live and share with others. Below you will find a list of examples of universal values ​​to live in a better world.FreedomFreedom is man’s ability to act responsibly, in accordance with his will and principles, without harming the environment around us. That’s why freedom is not selfish. On the contrary, it is a value that allows us to live in peace, to express our opinions. respect is a universal value that leads to recognition of others, their needs or interests, and is therefore reciprocal. In the same way,