The Secret to Maintaining a Happy Marriage –┬áIf you are married and think that your marriage is missing a new spark, you are in the right article. One of the most recurrent activities to preserve the flame of love is to book nights especially for pleasure, there are even some who plan romantic dinners. According to the main portals on this subject, it is important to develop the skills needed to succeed in celibacy. This is not only useful for people who live single. It can also lead to more satisfying marriages. In 1960, Americans lived on average 29 out of 37, who died between the ages of 18 and 55. This represents nearly 80% of the period called the flower of life. For 2015, the average fell to only eighteen years. Reduces the risk of divorce for a variety of reasons, this is good news for married couples and married couples. Contrary to popular belief, getting married in adulthood reduces the risk of divorce.