The Magic in Your Smile – When did you leave for the last time a good memory to keep a good smile on your face? Squeezing and smiling every day is one of the things you should do. You will be surprised to know that a smile on your face helps you. Dale Carnegie, “the expression used on someone’s face is much more important than the clothes worn in the back,” he said. You can not accept the words of this quote. Have you ever wondered why most people never grow old? Why do you feel more comfortable with some people, not others, but with you? How do you think this day is a dark morning and your colleagues are smiling at you? A smile is the funniest thing in the world. In a study conducted in Sweden, participants showed images of different emotions: emotion, anger, fear, and surprise. When Gülen’s photo is presented, the researchers ask the subject to frown. Instead, they discovered that the facial expressions resembled what the subject saw. You need a conscious effort to reverse that smile. If you smile at someone, you can not help but smile. Otherwise, they will do their best not to do it.