The Good in Disaster –¬†An activity that an individual attempt to achieve a specific goal is called effort. Life is continuous and uncountable. Every effort or effort requires the effort of the people and consumes energy when executed. People are not perfect, they have precise controls over the events of life. In addition, people have some limitations, both physical and mental. A person may not be able to anticipate or encounter multiple threats or challenges during the effort. Human limitations cause numerous failures or crises. Three Levels of DisasterDisaster can be divided into three levels; light, mediocre and heavy. A mild Disaster is a minor complication that can be resolved because of your problem and responsive participation. Mediocre Disaster is the critical point of every event in life; they need a fast and intelligent counterattack. In a serious crisis or catastrophic phase, the magnitude of the problem increased to the highest level and the results were amply demonstrated. Crises can be restored or managed.