The Culture of Victimhood –┬áDo you know the culture of victimization? Do you stop complaining continually or do you receive complaints? Do you know what it means to be a victim? The sacrifice of the victim is a psychological trait that influences personal relationships. Each of us has taken on the role of victim in painful or traumatic situations in our lives because we feel vulnerable and unprotected, and we need them to take care of us and protect us. The culture of victimization reinforces this by making the person taking the victim role seem to be accompanied. When we have experienced the care and protection of those around us, we discover that it is nice to feel the attention of others, that we feel that we are the protagonists of our environment and that they constantly monitor us. It happens that some people assume this role of identity, they become chronic victims. This identity is part of the culture of victimization in which we find ourselves: it is good to help those who need it, even if it means getting lost. On the contrary, not offering help presupposes negative social criticism.