Technostress: The Consequences of Abusing New Technologies –¬†Always connected, always available, always in “multitask mode”. These current arrangements can make us overwhelmed and alarmed. This is called “technostress”. In severe cases, it can even be addictive. New technologies have brought about change at every level, from social to cultural to economic. There is no doubt that its benefits, both communicationally and interpersonally and informally, are multiple and make life much easier. However, poor management of their use, as well as the time we devote to it, can lead to different types of problems, such as nomophobia, FOMO syndrome or technical stress. Then we dive into it. What is technostress? In 1984, Craig Brod described this phenomenon for the first time as “an adaptive disease caused by a lack of ability to manage new computer technologies in a healthy way”.Larry Rosen and Michele Well told in 1997 that popularized the term through their book Technostress: Dealing with Technology @ Work @ Home @ Play.