Sometimes Love Ends Leaves You Great Teachings – I think this love when it’s real, does not end. I feel deep down that it has been strengthened and transformed over the years. But that requires two emotionally mature people. The sad thing is that in order to grow, we often have to bear the most tragic pain of the soul: the collapse of romantic relationships. Overcoming a break-up is very difficult to even when the relationship ends, but you still feel love for that person. This can take a long or short time, depending on the strength of the people involved, but it always takes a lot of tears, it leaves a person stronger, wiser and better. The harsh reality of romantic relationshipsWell, although painful Sometimes Love Ends Leaves You Great Teachings, we who experience what “love is over”, we know that there are several terrible aspects at the end of love, and they are:1 Breaking the relationship is a difficult decision