Size Matters – What Is Your Size? –¬†Does size matter? The answer to this question is timidly discussed and the jokes of a size never end. The jokes are not lacking, because the solution that size is important, causes fear and disrupts the self-confidence of men and women. While men are looking for larger women, they want smaller sizes, clothes sizes. Female diet, self-criticism, thousands of weight loss supplements, while men order their waist supplements online. Size is important, but it’s time for us to use a different measurement instrument, not based on thumbs, but on love for oneself and happiness. For years, my height ranged from 0 to 6 years, depending on my stress level. In times of stress, I controlled my environment with food, and strangely punished my body for lack of control. When my husband left me for another woman, the snapshot coach at the gym, I checked my anger and depression with food or rather with a refusal to eat. My appetite went down and if I lost weight, my distorted mentality of “If only I was thinner, it would be more desirable” and “If it were perfect, life would be perfect”.When Body Narrowed, life did not become more perfect when my body narrowed, life did not become more perfect, it turned into chaos. The safety pins have kept my clothes in my soft body. As the threat of divorce increased, my appetite decreased … and I declined.