She did not Feel Happy, or Free Despite Loving Him –¬†Enjoy it today, it’s later than you think. Saying Chinese Everything was already organized, he would go to the country on weekends to visit his friend Florencia. Luis, her husband, would take care of Pili, their four-year-old daughter. They had done very funny projects and Isabella could very quietly give herself, even for a few days, the pleasure of talking to her boyfriend. He came to heaven fairly quickly, thankfully, there was not much traffic. His girlfriend was waiting for him with a delicious lunch and they kept talking until nap time.- Well, dear friend, your nap is a nap in the field, so I’m going in a short time.- Well! Siesta! I’m leaving too. The guest room was simple and welcoming. Florencia had placed flowers in a vase beside some branches of aroma. How he knew her and how he spoiled her … He was happy to have these moments of pleasure. Rest and take care of nothing, a good plan.