Self-Esteem and Self-Satisfaction as Tools to be Happy – We all know this a long time ago: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” However, few people understand the meaning. Even if we have not met our needs, it is welcome to love our neighbors. However, as you say in the sentence above, it is selfish to put yourself first. However, self-esteem does not have to be selfish. Self-EsteemĀ and Self-Satisfaction as Tools to be HappyLoss of our guidance systemEveryone is born with a survival instinct that tells us what our needs are. Throughout our lives, it is natural that we lose the inner aspect we need to sustain ourselves. The norms of the society in which we are born shape our behaviors until they become useful people for the system. These norms and beliefs will be inherited or passed on by adults to us. All the formations that make us good citizens are unique in ensuring that individual quality is ignored or, at worst, reduced.