Save Time at Work –¬†We all want to have more time, relax, get some exercise, hang out with friends and family, or be alone. You can save time in many ways during the day. Take a few minutes to review the tips and suggestions in this article to save time now! Give priority to the most important tasks. If you complete the most important tasks on your list of activities to do early in the day, you do not have to hurry to finish them later. This way, you feel satisfied and you do not feel the pressure to carry out an important project when you take care of the smallest tasks of the day. This allows you to work more efficiently and save even more time. The most important tasks are not always the most urgent. If you have to submit a routine document to your boss in the afternoon, it is probably not worth it to fill out around 11:00. m., if this implies that the customer service is poor. Know the difference between urgency and importance