Resolve Conflicts Between Co-Workers – Touch does not always make love. Sometimes the opposite happens. Spending many hours together, under heavy doses of stress and stress, gives rise to specific stress situations and can in the worst case generate real open wars between colleagues. A recent study by Universia reveals that in 88% of cases, companies do not react to situations of this conflict. It is could harm the employees. work environment and even the work environment not acting is not an option. Consultants, human resources experts, and consulting firms have attempted to define specific action. Based on his recommendations, we have prepared this Decalogue for conflicting Between Co-Workers: Detect the problem quickly and act immediately. If you notice a conflict between your collaborators, do not act as a spectator. Monster experts warn that “an unresolved conflict can lead to something worse”. Examine the problem and gather the employees as quickly as possible to try to resolve it.