Relax and Take a Break – How often do you relax and take a break? Statistics show that more and more people are reluctant to stay away from work, and about 19 million British holidays remain unforgettable in just one year. One in five people works more than seven hours a week with unpaid overtime. And these numbers save employees only for a salary. Individual business owners and marketers rarely think about when to stop working or working. Perhaps only when your health begins to suffer, relationships with family and friends are affected or they begin to feel uncomfortable and tired because of the motivation to change something. Taking time to relax and unwind is important on many levels. Workforce research recently found that 45 percent of all workdays lost 11.7 million last year due to stress-related problems. The effect of resting and not resting can be very significant in all aspects of life.”One of the reasons so many of us work so hard is to give our family a good life and make them proud of us.