Two Relationship Killers – Consider a primary relationship in your life in which you love and love someone. It can be an intimate relationship, a relationship between parents and children or a close friendship. Here are two things to avoid if you want to make sure that love is present at all times. Relationship killer 1: First of all, you should never expect that, because someone loves you, he must sacrifice himself for you and put your needs first. We often wrongly think that someone’s degree of suffering is proof of the amount of love he has for us. Similarly, we mistakenly think that if someone puts their needs first, they do not like us. But that’s not true at all. If I refuse to sacrifice myself for you, it does not mean that I do not love you. It just means that I know clearly what works and what does not work for me and that I do not interfere with my own needs. Please do not take this personally. However, I love you, but I certainly do not have to suffer to show you, my love. And if you doubt it, no matter how much you suffer, you will never believe me. Get this: your partner is having fun while you are in a difficult situation, does not mean they do not like you. People who love you owe you no suffering if things do not work for you.