Ten Ideas To Put Sunshine In Your Day –┬áHave you ever lived one of those days when you felt awake, exhausted, even a little out of place? This is particularly difficult if you manage your own home or small business.┬áThese days seem to be getting worse unless we are constantly trying to reverse the trend. How are you doing this? Here are ten ideas that can turn this dark day into a sunny day, ten ideas to Put Sunshine In Your Day1. Take it to change your attitude from sad to pleasure. If we stop with bad luck, pain or discomfort, we will descend to Bluesville. Tell yourself right away: “It will be a beautiful day.” So start doing it that way. You can do the rest of the ideas in any order and if necessary.2. Sing or whistle a happy melody. In the weeks to come, note which songs make you optimistic and ready to meet the world. Write the names and then try to find their letters. Sing them if you feel depressed. It sounds stupid, but it really works.