Pride is The Poison of Relationship –¬†What is a poison? Poison is a poison that contains different types of animals that cause damage to immobilize, injure or even kill prey or something that has threatened them. Or it can be a consumed chemical that harms our body and immobilizes it, hurts it and can even cause death. Although there are different types of poisons, they all actually destroy, although they serve as a defense at this time. This applies to all relationships. If you consider that your relationship is about to break, I can guarantee you that one of your problems is this poison: pride. Each relationship is toxic because, as in the animal world, it paralyzes the love it once had, paralyzes, hurts and can even kill. Compared to many poisons where you can see their effects in seconds, the poison in the relationship is slow and almost invisible. It takes its time to destroy love and when you can see the effects, it’s almost too late to do anything. Here are some clues that will tell you if this poison is part of your relationship and what is your antidote.