Practice Self-care to Control The Anxious Mind –¬†When fear sets in our mind, the present loses its meaning and the future becomes impossible. One way to reduce this fear that devours everything is to take care of ourselves: to feed ourselves and give what we deserve when we need it. The fearful mind is chaos and disorder, extinguishes our potential and often adds us to a state of weakness and absolute fear. To take control and reduce its impact, we can look for the strategy that best fits our personal characteristics. However, there is one that always works: taking care of oneself, that is, paying attention to ourselves, feeding ourselves and listening to ourselves as we deserve. Being locked in a mental state in which only worries live is exhausting. But the contradictory aspect of this situation is that the more we are exhausted, the more our brain has consumed resources and energy, the more it will cost us to rest. Because the dream does not always mean exhaustion, it comes when there is inner calm, when there is silence in the mind.