Overcoming a Break: How Much Time Do We Really Need? –┬áDo you have to overcome a sentimental breakup and feel stuck in an ocean of sadness? You must devote time to your interior to reach oblivion and open the door to love again overcoming a break-up is a process in which almost all people spend at some point in their lives. It is a period of mourning necessary to accept the loss of the partner with whom they had planned the whole future. During the different stages, emotions fluctuate from one extreme to another at a speed that submerges. Mood states are altered without individuals being able to understand what is happening. Although those in this situation know they must forget, they can not easily balance their inner selves. You want to overcome a break and everyone is talking to you about the time in general, family members who are trying to comfort and guide their friend in this difficult task of overcoming a break-up recommend that you take a little time.