Overcome Obesity Starts Within – To overcome obesity, the first step is to determine if you are obese. Before proceeding, I want to define the fat. Health experts defined that Obesity is weight greater than at least 20% of the weight corresponding to the lower mortality rate for individuals with a certain height, gender, and age (ideal weight). Twenty to forty percent of ideal body weight is considered quite fat; 40-100% of ideal body weight is considered quite fat, and 100% of ideal body weight is considered too much or unhealthy obesity. Being fat can have very negative effects on our lives: low energy level very low self-confidenceHealth hazards that may occurUnhappinessDepressionDo something about your obesity overcome obesity, what question should you ask yourself: Am I fatter, too fat? If the answer is “YES” to all of these questions, do you want to do something about your obesity situation? A person who loses weight can change his condition to lose weight.