Never Use These Phrases in a Couple of Discussions –¬†During the course of professional training, we recently emphasized and emphasized the importance of discussing teamwork issues to find solutions to create personal relationships so that teams can grow together and progress. While the speaker spoke, he could not prevent this valuable information from being transferred to the family level and in particular to marriage. How the couple communicates determines the happiness of the marriage although we can not choose our colleagues, we do it with our partner and that is why it is much easier to approve or discuss important issues. But it is interesting to note that this is the other way around, that it is easier for us to reach agreements with our colleagues than with our husband and that unfortunately leads to a long-term divorce.¬†Why is this happening? Simple: because in our work or our boss, we would never respond to insults, hurt or ridicule; we think twice because our work would be in the middle.