Never regret being a good person –┬áSarah considers herself a good woman, but she feels sad and discouraged because some people around her say that she is not good, that she is stupid and that people are mistreating her. Sarah is not stupid, she realizes that some people have abused their trust and their goodwill and yes, sometimes the feeling is a little disappointed because people who do favors or treats do not react so good with kindness. But what hurts most is that others think they lack intelligence and try to scam it. Some good friends who liked it suggested that they had less confidence in themselves or less malice and did not allow people to abuse their trust. Has something similar happened to you? Did you do well and did you answer the opposite? And more importantly, how did you feel? Do you have a disappointment or do you feel betrayed? If at any point you felt this, I would ask you to come with me to discuss some very interesting ideas about kindness and the reasons to be nice:1 Kindness is a feeling that arises because we love to care for others and make them feel goodOne of the many miracles of man is that wonderful feeling that bubbles in the heart and invites us to do what is good for others.