My Boyfriend Left Me Because I Was Not a Virgin –┬áMy friend was very enthusiastic because, in the end, we wanted to commit ourselves, we came out of a piece and we never did it because of a conflict between us, he always apologized to me and I said, “She did not rush my love.”Well, the truth that I’m happy that he respects me a lot and told me that if one day something happened, it would really be a special moment. After seven months, he told me that he wanted to marry meUnexpecting question and I said hey, but if it’s not you that you gave me and I want to get married. In my house, I looked good because he is a gentleman, always well dressed and I was very well executing the truth with my parents. I said that I never had intimacy, I quickly went to get the ring, told me that I would like to have my taste, so my father took me into account, Pel, to such a special jewel.