Low Sexual Desire and The Impact on Relationships – Sex is an important part of a relationship, low sexual desire can be a serious problem, and perhaps another unrelated source of conflict is the lack of sympathy and intimacy caused by sexual dissatisfaction. Unpleasant sexual desire – this is a common problem that should not be, although many peers remain between the two doors. In a recent study, it was found that 36% of women and 31% of men increased their sexual desire, increasing from 40 years. This problem is usually reflected in marriage. Or, ordinary patients say that she had sex before marriage and just got married, but after a few years there was no sexual desire for any reason, ”he said. Bruce Carr, University of Texas and the United States. Bad sexual desires not only affect people who suffer and suffer but also affect couples who see their dissatisfaction with sexual desire, feel rejected and look at self-esteem.