Loving a woman –┬áIt’s not easy for a man to do it, but it’s not that difficult either. I think in this case it’s not about her (the mistake, the responsibility or the result), but more about us. Love is not something you want, but only something you choose and do. How to love a woman these are the ways loving a woman, Let’s put it in context: Take responsibility – not protagonismTo love a woman does not just love her literally. It is to understand what concerns you and to make these concerns yours, not visible, no, it is the easiest part. For example, if you take responsibility for your work problems and make them visible so that you can see that you’re there to support them, then it’s a way to pretend (or imitate). When you pull the strings to make your project work, without being present or claiming the honor, when you appreciate its virtues and you show it in public without your knowledge, or when you are at night works to stimulate your dream like magic? this time and many other times, you love him.