Loneliness in Love –¬†We know that love does not concern the solitude of the remedy, there is only SOMS. There is no worse suffering than the love of having found our life suddenly in the solitude of indifference, measuring the distance in the cold emotional feeling. You are by my side, but I do not feel you. Loneliness can be devastating; It is almost as if you perceive that a window has been opened, allowing you to penetrate at the same time the passion of the interest, the complicity dying once enlightened caressing smiles disappeared. Almost without you knowing how to die Indifference, a sudden hostility of reproach in looks seeking to die is avoided from afar. I give both, I receive there is one thing we would like to doubt without all dying love, we would admit that someone of the same intensity would be sent back (I GIVE both, I receive). We think that the feeling of absolute balance in affective relationships is enormous.