Live Happily Ever After? Do not Forget These Aspects –¬†For some time now, it has been very strange to find a couple who will stay together for more than 10 years. At the time of our grandparents, it was common for them to take the time to be together all their lives; But the problem is that they both played a role in achieving that goal. It’s not that couples cannot live long, but only that they are accustomed to choosing ease, and that in marriage, things will never be easy. Well, it’s not about being around someone with whom life is so complex, but if it’s possible to improve or change things, why not? Well, a relationship that is not going so well can change and become stronger if you make an effort; but things can be good from the beginning. In either case, you need to implement the following aspects of your relationship and make you Live Happily Ever After :