Keep You Happy with these Ways – As women, we are often so entangled in solving everyone’s problems outside ourselves and we try to make sure they like to steal our own happiness. Imagine that! Then we say things like “when I need someone, there is no one around,” if you can make someone else smile, that’s the sign that you’re more than capable to give you the same feeling. We eagerly seek education, relationships, professional progress, and friendships to find happiness, but we seldom seek happiness from within. You deserve to be happy! Here are some ways to bring happiness into your life today and keep you happy out your blessings when I say blessings, I do not mean to tell you about your possessions, I’m talking about what makes your life worth living. A blessing is something that can not be replaced, something that can not be bought. Having a functional mind and body goes beyond every element you have. The ability to easily generate multiple ideas, to express themselves creatively, to integrate talents and gifts is a blessing that we neglect. Do not be caught in the “things”, your being, your breathing is a sign of abundance. Give yourself gratitude for meeting the demands of this physical life.