Keep Romance in Your Marriage – A few years ago, I heard a comment about marriage saying that believers had the responsibility and the duty to maintain their marriage, regardless of the state of their marital relationship.Although this statement has something true in the sense of conjugal union, it is neither the ideal nor the purpose for which God created marriage. God does not just believe that marriage should be tolerated. In Scripture, we see thatGod created marriage as an answer to the human need for a relationship. And Jehovah God says, It is not good for man to be alone; I will give him appropriate help. (Genesis 2:18, KJV 1960). He also states that we better reflect his image when we live in a relationship, especially when that relationship is characterized by love. This is seen in the relationship between the people of the Trinity, eternally united in love.Let us consider some ideas about love or romance. My intention is that every marriage seeks a loving relationship and is challenged to create a relationship in which the relationship is one of the most powerful reasons it maintains.First, let’s define the word romance. When I use the word “romance”, I mean “the natural expression of affection, sensuality, and attention to my husband”. The expression of love begins when they are conquered and begin their relationship, and then continue to cultivate and assert their romance until they get married.