Is it Normal to Get Bored With The Couple? –┬áBoredom is not a scourge, but a condition quite normal at certain moments of life. The boredom of the couple only meant that it was time to introduce novelties and variants to reactivate the relationship. Boredom is as normal as being bored with work, family, obligations, or any other reality in life. Let’s start by saying that boredom is not a state as horrible or as negative as many people think. It’s like the flu: no one is spared from an occasional case. We can define boredom as a state devoid of interest or motivation. Etymologically, it comes from the Latin root ab, which means “without”; and horror, which means “horror”. So from the etymological point of view, it would be something like “to be without horror”.The boredom of the couple, the work, the friends, whatever it is, is quite normal under certain circumstances. It’s just a consequence, not a problem in itself. Just like the night makes it possible to value the day, and conversely, the periods of fatigue make it possible to evaluate differently the novelty.