Infidelity: Learn to Forgive –┬áLorena decided and even discovered the trickery. She began to feel treason a long time ago when her husband apologized for her constant absence. Corn is a matter of detail for the manor and the penitent, a change of dance, a tradition of sons, a critique of a constant, disintegration and a distant physique. That’s what lazy gave the key to be alert. To face the truth the most difficult for her to pass from security to safety. What to do Faceoff, shut up, separate, forgive. All these ideas came intermittently, but the idea was that of revenge. She knew that no matter what happened, she would make the same choice as the lazy: replace it. He decided to confront him and divorce him. However, soothing that he left to encourage him, adjustment reconsider and forgiveness asked. Although she decided to continue, she was not doubled easily. That’s why he believed that only choosing to erase the feelings of loss, humiliation, and frustration that deceit left, was revenge.