If You Complain Less You Will be Happier –┬áThe desire to be happier is often seen in human life, which coincides with specific dates like early spring, birthday parties or turning points. To be happier, you can start with small movements that will make your life clearer. In keeping with happiness, the point is clear: Complaints keep you from this goal. Your grievances are pessimistic because when you observe the reality of this dimension, instead of strengthening gratitude in other ways, you increase the shortcomings or shortcomings you do not want.It is true that there are difficulties in life and the complaint is human. However, it is not a good idea to continue to respond to complaints. If you do not complain, you will have a higher level of work and personal satisfaction. You will notice not only optimism but also your future.How can I complain less?With the help of your hands and applications like meditation, you can lay aside claims for happiness.See how complaints restrict youThe first step in changing this response is to realize that common grievances not only benefit but also become chronic.