I Feel Inferior to Others: Possible Causes, and What to Do –¬†Self-esteem is very important for the development of people, at all stages. This begins to be established in the early stages of development and is consolidated in adulthood, where the subject with a good self-image will be able to deal with the various setbacks that are presented. However, it is quite common for people to experience problems in this regard. “I feel inferior to others” is a common thought, a consequence of the fact that something went wrong while determining self-esteem. Anyway, with the fact that we have noticed, we have already taken the first step towards a healthier self-image. Below we will see what to do in these cases and some of the possible causes. Why do I feel inferior to others? As we saw earlier, when I feel inferior to others, it is because the process of establishing self-esteem was broken at some point. This could have happened in several ways. So let’s see the most common ones.