I Can’t Sleep! –┬áHave you tried one of these nights? You know the type; constantly playing and spinning, stretching the muscles, closing your mind? Stupid alarm clock looks expensive. If you could relax and drink enough coffee to spend tomorrow, let everything work. Sleep is a strange thing. We want, we fight, we do our best to control ourselves instead of checking. Unfortunately, our body is not functioning properly when we are insufficient in sleep. In essence, ongoing research has determined that adequate sleep does not harm our health. When we sleep, our bodies repair vital organs and body systems, such as our adrenal glands, and strengthen our long-term memories as they help us understand the events of that day. For example, lack of sleep can greatly weaken the immune system, accelerate tumor growth, and cause pre-diabetes disorders that can make you feel hungry even while eating. Even with a bad night’s sleep, it can impair your memory, reduce your problem-solving skills, and interfere with performance on physical and mental tasks, not to mention how this problem may manifest itself in your body.