How to Recognize Absorbing Relationships – Absorbing¬†relationships do not give us room to grow outside the environment of others, to be happy or to have fun. It is so toxic, it lowers us, it depresses us and lowers our self-esteem. Some people think that lack of trust illuminates us in absorbing, toxic, and complex relationships. To spend all day with your partner, “Needs” can be synonymous with love but also with emotional addiction. When we get past the first stage of autumn, when everything revolves around this beautiful creature on our side, everyone must have their own activities and space. The key to recognizing absorption ratios is easy to mix love and passion for addiction. Over time, it is clear that the person with whom you choose to share your days absorbs all your energy, leisure and activities. Pay attention to the symptoms of this interesting relationship:1. You for autonomy we said, it is normal to want to be together as long as possible at the beginning of love. However, after the end of the first phase, the first signs of the absorbent relationship begin.